A small selection of our core strengths and services…

Hosting Solution Design Consultancy

From an outline of what you want to achieve, Pipe Ten will provide advice, planning and strategic implementation of mission critical applications within an affordable budget. Considerations can be made for infrastructure locations and hardware, traffic management with load balancing distribution and failover, security with firewalls, NIDS, HIDS, and VPN access, through to disaster recovery and long term affordable scalability.

Bespoke Support & Engineering

Flexible support contracts are available with Pipe Ten’s team of engineers who are eagerly ready and waiting to be called on either an adhoc basis or on an agreed amount of hours per month or even just to take advantage of our monthly Software Update Service. The support contract can be designed to suit your own particular solution and skill level. Pipe Ten’s objective is to provide all their services as if they are just an extension of your own team.

Provider Independence

Pipe Ten believes in the best locations and tools for the job. We do not own our own data centre instead entrusting their operation to our expert partners we have forged close relationships with over the past decade. We still make sure however that racks and hardware placed with our partners are wholly owned by Pipe Ten and only accessible on permission from Pipe Ten. This allows us to focus on the software and service we provide you, without being tied to a specific vendor or location of convenience.

Infrastructure Services

Hosted solutions can benefit use of our physical presences in our Derby, Sheffield & Manchester data centres as well cloud services such as Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure or Google Compute Engine.

Virtualisation Hypervisor Management

We make extensive use of Citrix XenServer virtualisation and hypervisor management across our hosting infrastructure for many client’s bespoke hosted solutions as well internal management systems.

NGINX Instances

Pipe Ten provide and support the fastest growing web server software NGINX, highly regarded for its high performance, stability and low resource consumption.

Docker Management

Benefit from our experience of using Docker technologies such as Kuberdock in production, alllowing you to use containers to isolate and optimise applications without the overhead of running a hypervisor or managing individual OS.

Firewall Management

With over ten years experience of using the most popular open source firewall pfSense, we provide affordable and secure hardware firewall solutions.

Continuous Data Protection

Fully managed real-time backup protection for Linux and Windows server hosts. Using proven technology from R1Soft we can provides fast, affordable, multi-platform and reliable continuous data protection and point in time recovery for your important data.

Monitoring & Response

Pipe Ten implements granular monitoring systems across all of its hosting solutions with alerts to on call engineers ready to react. Monitoring services range from hardware and availability such as packet loss, latency, traffic, through to RAID or http status and even environmental such as temperature, humidity and power.

SSL & Code Signing

Pipe Ten take care of the complexity and communication required with SSL signing and installation. We’re happy to work with any SSL provider (free or otherwise) although our partner of choice for over a decade is Comodo for all domain validated certificates.

PCI ASV Services

Pipe Ten works with any PCI ASV provider but have partnered with Security Metrics for their clear approach to PCI so that we are able to provide customers with a jargon free understanding of their PCI requirements and adherence to the PCI DSS standards.

Software Licensing

As an official Microsoft Service Provider we are able to provide a full range of Microsoft’s server and database product as well as other licensing from partner providers such as CloudLinux, ESET Security, R1Soft Backup and similar.